"... I consider Henk my twin soul. His music sensitivity and vision as a piece of art that we breathe, makes him play Portugal as if it were his homeland." Carlos do Carmo

Reviews on the "Bach Cellos Suites":

Diario de Noticias, (Vasco Graca Moura):
"Fado, Bach and saxophone...The impression caused by listening is extraordinary: on the one hand, there is Bach "outside" the violoncello and the instrumental resources that are part of it; on the other, Bach once more, but transposed from strings to a blowing instruments, without losing its articulation, its dynamics, its effects of harmonious depth, of the deep barroque poetry of these suites..."

NRC Handelsblad, (Kasper Jansen):
" ... a surprising listening-experience. (..) ...this Bach on sax is a real discovery."

Financieel Dagblad, (Jurjen Vis):
"...It is admirable, exciting, even moving..."

" ... the Bible of Bach fits perfectly with the heavy and jazzy sound of the baritonsax."

Reviews on "Tango":

NRC Handelsblad:
"...a view on and affinity with Piazzola's sometimes 'weird' thoughts, which are so very famous because of ther weirdness..."

Noordhollands Dagblad:
" ...Van Twillert, soft as Stan Getz at his personal homage to Piazzolla..."

Zwolse Courant:

" ...The big motivator of it all, Henk van Twillert, who makes his sax sound like heaven..."
"Superb human tango's in the phenomenal programme Tango Nuevo."

Leeuwarder Courant:

"Sound, Timing and the ensemble were perfectly balanced... ... And also the part of entertainment was present, mainly because of Van Twillerts musical leadership."
"...Van Twillerts perfect technique made a perfect duo with Emmy Verhey."

La Stampa
(Aurora Biandone):
"...With effect, the sinuous smoothness of the saxophone creates a feeling of sensuality that is far from tradition. However, what is most impressive about this instrument is the capacity of exploiting an unthinkable tessitura and obtaining a wide range of timbres. Van Twillert faces this experimentalism by making use of the experience gained through his solid artistic career..."

17-3-03, (Rui Pereira) (Coimbra National Capital of Culture 2003) - Remix Ensemble, directed by Peter Rundel:
" ...What is most impressive is the clear formal distinction between the surprising solo saxophone (Henk van Twillert) and the tutti formed by the ensemble. Powerfully performed by both."

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